Sunday, August 9, 2009

State of the Repo

As of August 2009, we have realized a few things:
First of all, Repo needs more space, or a major restructuring. We are at capacity because we are standing in for both a well-run campus recycling program and a houseware-donation program. We would like to have more space available for bringing in sweet industrial materials, like end-rolls of nylon (or Kevlar!), seconds from paint companies, and giant vinyl billboard tarps.
Second, Repo needs dependable people. We have a small core of trash ninjas, but if you are interested, and like midnight trashpicking and large quantities of stuff, please contact us (
Third, we are no longer providing the service of guilt-free trash disposal. If we are given stuff that you should have thrown out, we will throw it out too. This doesn't clear you of the negative karma of sending things to a landfill. In fact, it amplifies it so much that soon you might be hit by a bus.

More to come about imminent changes to Repo. Check back soon.

Love, Repo

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