Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fabric, paint + our first ton of the schoolyear

Stern and Stern in Hornell and Golden Paints in New Belgium managed to incidentally coincide donation days, netting us about 919 pounds of cool stuff in one fell swoop.



On the paint front, Kevin Wixted and Dale Inglett split the cost of shipping, and then split the paint with Repo. About 100 pounds have already been split between senior painters, sophomore painting classes, BAFA foundations, and the BFA freshmen, with another 20+ pounds of odd gel mediums and earthy hues lingering in Repo for a little while. What's left looks a little like this:


On the fabric front, we negotiated and picked it up, with zero monetary exchange. 22 rolls of mostly nylon, off-spec or otherwise unsellable: ChemStat / cleanroom fabrics, anti-static fabrics, airbag material, weird chemical-resistant filters materials, etc. We intend to ration this out gradually, keeping a few rolls at a time on public display to discourage reflexive hoarding of such awesome materials. Know that we have more, and that if you have a use for it we will provide it.

On the weight front, today's influx of material brought over the half-ton mark on both material out and material in, with total flow solidly into the 1-ton range. We didn't start counting until September 1st, so that really means a little over two weeks to hit 2,000 lbs.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

9/6 open repo

Another successful Repo day.

Photos courtesy of Shanghai Jack.

As always, more on the Repo Flickr.


Give, and they will wear.


Speak, and they will listen.


Write, and they will sign.


He didn't get a key yet. Can you see the regret?


Dumpster diving is for everyone.